Signing up

Below you can find a form you can use to join Erotismen.
You can fill the form by hand or on your computer, but you have to sign the form by hand.

When you’re done you have to send it to us, either on email or as regular mail to Erotismen, Dronningens gate 40, 7011 Trondheim.

You have to choose whether you want to be a regular member or a supporting member.
If you want to be an ordinary member, you have to withdraw from any other lifestances or religions you are member of currently.
If you want to support Erotismen, but don’t want to withdraw from your current lifestance or religion, you can choose to become a supporting member.

Membership fees are paid to account 1506.26.71030 or on Vipps (#570850).

Join Erotismen