Explaining the Symbol

Erotismen is a lifestance based on 6 important elements, that together creates the positive Superego.

We will define and explain the different elements. It’s worth noting that Erotismen is one of only a few lifestances that includes and focuses on people sexual health.

  • The Superego is the center: Who you are! The Whole. The positive life-energy that is created by the 6 important elements in life.


There are 6 important elements that affect and create our lives!


Erotismen is working towards a society where you are accepted for who you are.Erotismen is a community for people that don’t want to live their lives according to how other feel they should, but live a life that gives themselves, and thus the people around them, a richer, more honest, life. Everybody has social needs, and needs confirmation from others that they’re “good enough” and has value, even if they consider themselves different from others. Acceptance and respect is important in Erotismen, and that you, as a human, can surround yourself with positive people that you feel kinship with, despite differences. Erotismen recognizes that belonging is a developing social element, in that people that are accepted for who they are, will accept differences in others. Erotismen is working for respect and acceptance for everyone, even those belonging to other beliefs and religions.



People are social beings. Being seen, receiving constructive feedback and respect/recognition for who you are, is important to develop a sense of who and what you are in society. Recognition in society leads to better self-respect.



Respect for yourself and your values is important. This is one of the elements in Erotismen that creates your positive life-energy.


Physical Health:

Food, drink, sleep: Erotismen recognizes peoples need for a balanced supply of food, drink, and sleep to live a rich and good life. What this means in practice is defines by each person, their culture, and general lifesituation. I addition to covering basic needs, Erotismen recognizes the pleasure and wellness that food, drink, and sleep provides.


Sexual Health:

Erotismen recognizes sexuality as a basic human need. Erotismen promotes a positive and diverse sexuality based on each individuals urges and wishes. Every kind of sexuality and self-expression is accepted, given consent for all parts involved. Every kind of relation, e.g. monogamy, polyamory, random encounters, is accepted in Erotismen. Erotismen does not limit how you and any partners live your sexual lives. Good sexual health is important for everyone, and Erotismen will facilitate this.


Mental Development:

Erotismen recognizes that people are learning creatures, with a basic need for growth and development. It is important to support each individuals self-worth and free will. Therefore each individual need to choose on their own when, and if, to start the process of self-improvement. Each individual need to define their own strengths and weaknesses, and which areas to improve. Erotismen want to facilitate that people, through reflection and conversation, are given the possibility for self-improvement.


Summary: Superego

All these elements are, separately and collectively, important to create the good and positive SUPEREGO. Erotismen as a lifestance wants to create a better world and a happier people that is able to be positive, have a inclusive view on life, and a life-affirming way to live!