Donations and support

We want to create positive meetingplaces. We call these places «Lifecenters»!

Erotismen is an organization created to work towards a community with bigger and better focus on the Superego. On the positive energy that is created when you think and do the right thing for yourself. Every human is created free and CAN make their own decisions based on the positive energy created by our 6 elements for everyone that shares our lifeaffirming faith!

We are still starting out and need all the help we can get to create something good for everyone. Join and support us! If you are able to contribute we really appreciate it. Any support will be used for the benefit of members of the positive community that is Erotismen.

If you have anything to contribute you can contact us on

Donations can be made anonymously and discretly to our account in DNB: 1506 26 71030

You can also support us through Vipps by sending your donation to VIPPS #: 570850

Private gifts and donations can be delivered to our location at Dronningens gate 40 between 1000 – 2000 on weekdays and 1000 – 1800 on Saturdays. Contact is Tom Ketil Krogstad.

We appreciate tips about foundations or scholarships that support organizations that facilitate the well-being of other people. Contact us at