Why support Erotismen?

Why should you support Erotismen?

Erotismen is a lifestance community that empowers the individual, works for increased understanding and respect for others, and a better world for all. The basic idea of Erotismen arose from the acknowledgement that many people can’t live the life they want, because of cultural or religious limitations. Erotismen was developed further on the acknowledgement that people that are part of a community where they can be themselves experience an improvement of their own quality of life.

Erotismen focuses on the positive energy inside you, and the free will and urges of people. You CAN!

You define your own quality of life, and have the possibilities you dream of, by focusing on the six life-energies that are important for everyones wellbeing: belonging, recognition, self-respect, physical health, sexual health, and mental development.

Community is an important part of the work that Erotismen does. To that end Erotismen wants to build Lifecenters, where members can meet to find a community and support eachother. In the Lifecenters you can focus on yourself and the joys of life. The first Lifecenter of Erotismen will be established in Trondheim.

The thoughts behind Erotismen are not new, but have been gathered into a developing whole, and has become a life-stance all on its own. Erotismen promotes positive and liberating thinking. Everyone is equal and welcome in the Lifecenters of Erotismen.