The initial thoughts about Erotismen came to Tom Ketil Krogstad in the 2000s. It came as a reaction to the resistance and stigma that establishing Club4 was met by. Club4 was established as a sanctuary where people could be themselves and live out their sexual fantasies and desires with likeminded people. Unfortunately, there are those that don’t approve of people being themselves.

Both religious moralists and others protested. The message was simply: You can’t do this, you’re not allowed to do this, because we don’t like it. You can’t decide for yourself, because someone doesn’t like it. It’s not easy understanding the reasoning behind this perceived right to decide what other people do.

Tom became interested in religion early on, and has studied the subject during two periods. The first was during late secondary school to early high school. The second was when he spent a year in Tunga jail in Trondheim, as a consequence of the Club4-case.

What quickly became apparent to Tom was the fact that many religions and lifestances use how people express themselves sexually, either as a ___, or there’s no focus on it at all. Sexuality and exploring how the body responds sexually is to be denied or suppressed, or, best case, be kept in the dark of the bedroom. Sexuality isn’t supposed to be a part of how you live your life. This, of course, provides a breeding ground for double standards.

That body, urges and feelings has become so taboo, isn’t compatible with human nature. The taboo is created because of a need for control that religious leaders have cultivated throughout the ages.

Philosofizing on this, Tom thought it was time for people to see themselves and exclaim: I CAN!

Tom has spent his time since the Club4-case, mainly surviving and being a part of a community where he’s daily met with stigma, mockery and double standards. Closed doors and communities that does not want to acknowledge Tom, notably in public.

Privately he’s always had family, good friends and people to talk to. Without his faith in the SUPEREGO and his positive energy, Tom would never have survived that negative public focus over such a long period of time. Without a belief in himself and what is possible with a positive focus he would never be able to build what he’s built.

Tom has gathered information, facts and knowledge over the last 10 years that has made him confident that this is something he wants to share with others, because Erotismen can help people, and be a positive influence on the world.

We are now ready to give you greater insight into our new lifestance EROTISMEN! You can!