Our Purpose

The purpose of Erotismen is rooted in the associations statutes:

Erotismen is a humanistic, secular lifestance. The purpose of Erotismens is to facilitate a community for people that share the views and values of Erotismen.

Erotismen promotes a view of life that support each individuals right to live life as they wish, based on freedom and responsibility for their own choices.

To work for a community free of prejudice where each individual can explore and develop their self-understanding, live their desires and needs, alone or with likeminded people. The individual, thereby, has a clear ethical responsibility for themselves, and for how they relate to other people. Erotismen promotes values like acceptance, respect and no prejudice towards one self and others.

Erotismen does not have religious or supernatural notions, but believe in the positive usage of the inherent energy in people, and the positive lifeenergy that is created in a persons life.

The purpose of Erotismen is to promote this through better physical and positive mental development.

Beyond this, as the entrepreneur behind Erotismen, I want to add that I wish to offer a good alternative to Christianity and the former state church. It’s the largest religious community in Norway today, and I feel that’s a shame to our nation. It’s time to let people live their lives freely, by believing in themselves, the positive energy in all people and that we can say to each and everyone – You’re able!